Heritage Walking Tour of Ironworks

Event: History Walking Tour for local residents
Date: Sunday 22nd May 2022
Time: 4pm to 5.30pm
Local Historian, Helen Weinstein will be running a history walking tour around the Eagle Iron Foundry neighbourhood and shedding light on the former skilled inhabitants of Victorian Cambridge.
How To Sign-Up: Email HistoryWorksTV@gmail.com if possible to confirm your place or show up on the day!
Cost: Free with donations requested at end of the tour for the Cambridge Refugee Hardship Fund

Route & Content: Walking tour of 90 minutes.

Starting at 4 pm by the Old Mill Road Library Doorway on Headly Street
Ending at 5.30 pm by Playpark opposite the Geldart Pub on Ainsworth Street
The Community Historian at Ironworks, Helen Weinstein, will start her walking tour outside the door of the Victorian Mill Road Library on Headly Street CB1 2GH.  On the History tour, Helen tells the story of how the Eagle Iron Foundry transformed the landscape alongside the Mill Road Bridge in Victorian times with the Headly Coprolite  Mill located at the Hooper Street side of the site, whereby the Headly family business and their foundry workers and coprolite diggers and millworkers all located in the new neighbourhood by the railway line dominated the neighbourhood known to local residents as ‘Sturton Town’.
Photo: J Headly Nameplate
The tour will explore the impact of the Headly family’s foundry locally, showing a range of artefacts from bridges and railings, mill wheels and water pumps, weather vanes to boot scrapers that survive from Headlys.  Sturton Town once was a well-known area linking East Road to Mill Road, not only serving the railway but a thriving neighbourhood of businesses and shops in Victorian times, from the industrial works at Headly’s Eagle Foundry to the Dairies and Brewers, Shoe and Boot Makers, Laundries and Dressmakers who lived with their families in the terraced housing with evidence of these Victorian businesses still surviving to this day at the locations shown in this in-person history walking tour.

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