As some of you will be aware, we have had to postpone the exhibition that was due to take place at the Museum of Cambridge, but not to worry, once we are back socialising again the exhibition will be rescheduled.

In the interim, we will be posting up snippets relating to the background and history of the Mill Road Depot site.

We are starting by sharing some of the photos taken by Elena Moses before work started at the former Mill Road Depot, our thanks to Elena for letting us show them. For those of you who are familiar with Elena’s project – we’ve edited out the calendar shots! They were commissioned by the Mill Road History Project with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A wonderful history of the site, compiled by Allan Brigham, can be found on the Capturing Cambridge website – now hosted by the Museum of Cambridge. Follow the link below and the Building Report can be found at the bottom of the page.

Writing workshop with Jo Chapman and Hannah Walker

Thank you to all those who attended the writing workshop with Hannah and Jo earlier this year. Below is a poem created from the event, extracts will be incorporated onto Jo Chapman’s sculpture for Ironworks.

Graft by Hannah Walker

What is a piece of land called
when it has worn so many times-
made space for skill and care and sweat.
On this very ground, twins were conceived
someone found a jar of shilling notes under the mess room,
at the day close they came to the fire.

On this ground, a woman saw a train in a cloud of dust.
On this ground, a bridge was cast,
On this ground, a man rummaged around the yard
his sight dimmed but the nose knowing:
concrete- chalk, wood – oak, bolt – rust.

On this ground workhouse tallies tinked into a tin.
Each worker had a place
Each horse had a name.
They cleaned the road of snow with salt.
A bin on the shoulder of a jacket.
Muscles paced with chanting.
Carrots, corprolite, gravel mountains,
Water gazumped.

What is a piece of land called
when it has worn so many times.
Made space for skill and care and sweat.
Someone stood here
in a massive space of churned up mud
and dreamt new space for the skyline
sent the builders in their helmets
to raise windows and floors
with skill and care and sweat.