Launch of PHUPLEC


Phuplec is a new website created by Emma Smith, artist-in-residence for Cromwell Road. Phuplec is the phenomenon of growing or becoming a plot of land.

Inspired by the history of Romsey as allotments, Phuplec takes this moment of development to consider the futures of urban living and to propose new ways of thinking through artistic invention.

Phuplec celebrates the small, the wild, the overripe, the rotten, the undesired and the redundant as necessary tactics for a sustainable future.

You can find out more about Phuplec and practice it yourself through activities provided on the website:

Activities include recipes for dishes based on food you can grow, forage and gift, recommended reading and films, exploring the nature you live with, movement without moving location and a guided exercise for rest and recuperation.

Share your activities on Twitter and Instagram @phuplec #phuplec

Emma is developing a permanent work for Cromwell Road based on the concept of Phuplec.


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