Alec Finlay

Alec Finlay is an artist and poet whose work crosses over a range of media and forms. Much of Finlay’s work considers how we relate to landscape and ecology, including place-awareness, hutopianism, rewilding, and disability access. Recent work includes A Variety of Cultures, a permanent artwork installation at Jupiter Artland; and HUTOPIA for the Fondazione Prada exhibition ‘Machines á penser’ at the Venice Architecture Biennale. He is currently artist in residence with Paths for All.

Finlay established morning star publications in 1990. He has published over forty books and won seven Scottish Design Awards, including two Grand Prix Awards (2001, 2015). Recent publications include the Scottish Design Award best publication winner a far-off land (2018); gathering published by Hauser & Wirth (2018); th’ fleety wud (2017), minnmouth (2017), ebban an’ flowan (2015), and Global Oracle (2014).