A Local Story with a Big Vision

During the pandemic we have reconnected to history, relearned traditional skills and crafts, nurtured our communities and relished time in nature. This exhibition tells some of those stories, provoking conversation, inspiring action and giving us hope for a kinder future.

Inspired by the people and history of Sturton Town, Ironworks and Mill Road, FORGE has been conceived by Ironworks artist-in-residence Hilary Cox Condron and co-curated with community historian Helen Weinstein, local residents and The Museum of Cambridge.


‘True happiness means forging a strong spirit that is undefeated, no matter how trying our circumstances.’
Daisaku Ikeda: peacebuilder, philosopher, educator, poet.

“Click on the icons below to find out more about the history, stories and new ideas we have been exploring – I hope they inspire and lift you a little. They have me. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Tree of Plenty as I started to shape this project during lockdown, thank you to the pioneers before us, everyone who has shared their story and the so many incredible people forging together to transform our future.’ Hilary Cox Condron.



Uncovering the local stories that have shaped us: reminding us that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and that what we think of as ‘normal’ changes time and again. Can we – through rediscovering past heritage – be inspired to reimagine an alternative future?


Communities have flourished as residents have reconnected to traditional skills and customs and neighbours have shown extraordinary support for one: inspiring hope and action for a kinder future as we forge ahead together.


How can our lockdown experiences of being more resourceful, reconnecting with nature and exploring local history help us to question our values, provoke conversation and inspire collective action as we forge ahead together?

View the  Visitors Guide to Forge at The Museum of Cambridge HERE