FORGE IN COMMUNITY celebrates how neighbours have shown extraordinary support for one another and communities have flourished. Residents  have reconnected to traditional skills and customs such as growing, making and sharing food together. And we tell local stories of community solidarity, both past and present, inspiring hope and action for a kinder future as we forge ahead together.

“While the crisis deepened, solidarity actually bloomed. There’s been an explosion of altruism and cooperation: people singing from balconies; neighbours collecting food; volunteers sewing masks; doctors, nurses and cleaners risking their lives on the front lines… In a time of extraordinary challenges, when COVID-19 seems like just the prequel to the global climate crisis, we need to assume the best in one another. As a historian, I can’t say I’m optimistic, but I am hopeful because hope impels us to act.” 

Rutger Bregman, historian and author of ‘Utopia for Realists’ and ‘Humankind’. 

Growing Together

As the first lockdown started, local nurseries were inundated with compost and seed orders as gardens were transformed into vegetable plots and allotments were tended with more loving care than ever before. “It is within that space, that breath, when growing or foraging, preparing, eating, drinking or simply sitting with plants, that we are able to heal… Read more »

Support and Solidarity

Communities have bonded through shared support networks. Our homes and streets have been decorated as we have found other ways connect to neighbours – spreading joy and displaying messages of thanks and solidarity. “It’s like we all feel bit more vulnerable and more aware of inequalities,” said local resident, Bee Wilson. “People are thinking more… Read more »

Nurturing Communities

‘When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.’ John Ruskin art critic, patron and philanthropist, who opened Cambridge School of Art, which grew to become ARU – Anglia Ruskin University, in 1858   As the first lockdown was announced, flour was near impossible to buy as people prepared to start baking; ‘daily exercise’ was combined with… Read more »



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