Reconnect & Resonate

Reconnect & Resonate


Hi! I hope you have kept well and found some light in amongst all of this. Apologies, too – I am artist-in-residence for Ironworks, (creating with residents in and around Sturton Town – is that actually a known name now? – and beyond) – and haven’t been in touch as much as I should have recently. It has taken a while to figure out how to be an artist with you from a distance, to be honest. Zoom is ok – but I am missing the magic of unexpected creative moments and the quieter conversations that happen off to the side.

I have been collaborating with artists (including local artist Filipa Pereira-Stubbs) to develop #creativecare activities for Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination. Visit their website ( to invite more creativity and nature in your home, Art and nature have certainly helped hold me up in this period. What has resonated with you? What have you reconnected to?

I have been pondering this theme, my role within the community, and how we can stimulate our imaginations to help us envisage a ‘new normal’.

I’m planning a ‘Reconnect and Resonate’ exhibition at The Museum of Cambridge in December as a creative record of your stories – of what and who we have reconnected to during lockdown, what has resonated with us, and how can this help us shape the future ‘new normal’ together… I will be sharing activities, conversations and ideas here – please join me, I’d love to hear from you! Hilary

Join the conversation on our ResonanceCam facebook page or send an email to

Launch of PHUPLEC


Phuplec is a new website created by Emma Smith, artist-in-residence for Cromwell Road. Phuplec is the phenomenon of growing or becoming a plot of land.

Inspired by the history of Romsey as allotments, Phuplec takes this moment of development to consider the futures of urban living and to propose new ways of thinking through artistic invention.

Phuplec celebrates the small, the wild, the overripe, the rotten, the undesired and the redundant as necessary tactics for a sustainable future.

You can find out more about Phuplec and practice it yourself through activities provided on the website:

Activities include recipes for dishes based on food you can grow, forage and gift, recommended reading and films, exploring the nature you live with, movement without moving location and a guided exercise for rest and recuperation.

Share your activities on Twitter and Instagram @phuplec #phuplec

Emma is developing a permanent work for Cromwell Road based on the concept of Phuplec.



Activities from the Garden

Mirror patterns with leaves and plants

Inspired by techniques used to create the artworks for the entrances at Anstey Way, Sarah Sabin has created three activity ideas you can do with everyday household items and plants from the garden.

Click on the PDF link below to download the activity sheets and have a go!

Activities from the garden.

Why not share what you’ve created on the

                                                                                      ResonanceCam facebook page?

Blackout Poems

How to create a blackout poem

Why do this:

It’s fun. This exercise is ideal if you think ‘I cannot write poetry’, but it is also fun if you can!
You can do it with any piece of text in your house. A takeaway menu, an old printed page, a page from a free newspaper or a page from an old – no longer wanted- book.

NOTE – if you do this with a page from a book make sure the book is not important to
someone else first.

Materials: Black felt tip, or black marker pen and other coloured pens. A piece of paper with
text on it.

Theme: We thought it would be interesting to invite you to make a piece about self-
isolation and what it means to be living at this specific moment in time. Maybe something
about hope for the future.

Step 1: Scan read the page of text.

Step 2: Look out for an anchor word. A word that draws your eye because it has meaning to
you in some way.

Step 3: Use a pencil to lightly circle any words that connect to the anchor word and
resonate with you. Resonant words might be expressive or evocative, but for whatever
reason, these are the words on the page that stick with you. Avoid circling more than
three words in a row.

Step 4: Link those words together into a poem. If useful add in linking words from the
text such as ‘and’ and ‘then’

Step 5: Blackout the rest of the text using the marker pen. If you like, create a piece of
artwork using patterns, shapes and other colours and that connects to the theme.

If you would like to share what you have created please post photos of your poem to

To download a PDF of the guidleines above please click here: Blackout Poems

Pam Halls – talking about accession No1. at the Museum of Technology


Interview with Graham Watts – former Director of City Services a Mill Road Depot


Creative Writing Workshop


When: Monday 3 February 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Monday 10 February 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Where: Lifecraft, The Bath House, Gwydir Street

Join poet Hannah Jane Walker and Ironworks artist Jo Chapman for a creative
writing workshop to explore the history of Mill Road depot through the theme
of work. The workshop is free to all and is an opportunity to connect with and
help shape the sculpture that Jo will be making for the new Ironworks site. The
sculpture will use poetry created specifically for this commission and will be cast
in bronze. Hannah is a poet and theatre-maker, she has extensively toured both the
UK and internationally to wide critical acclaim. She has written for The Guardian
and BBC Radio 4.

To see more visit:

Please reserve a place please contact LifeCraft: phone 01223 566957 or email

Ironworks at the Mill Road Winter Fair

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Mill Road Winter Fair 7th December to find out more about the public art programme for Ironworks and how to get involved. It was great to meet so many residents and talk through the artworks being proposed and see people signing up to be part of the Ironworks Fringe taking place next year with Artist-in-residence Hilary Cox Condron.

Our thanks to all the coordinators of the Mill Road Fair who made the day such a great success and to Mill Road TV for coming to film the event.

For anyone who wants to see more please click on the link below.

Mill Road TV at the Winter Fair


Big Draw 2019

Thank you to everyone who joined us over October for the national Big Draw Festival.

Hilary Cox Condron ran a series of events as part of the festival and we would like to say thank you to everyone who helped deliver the activities including Jo Miller and, local herbalist, Vanessa Neville. Jo collaborated with Hilary on the Mindfulness through Drawing workshop that took place at St Barnabus Church. Vanessa provided rose and nettle tea for the brave band of walkers who joined Hilary – despite the rain – in a multi-sensory walk as part of ‘Places in Transition’. 

Our senses were fully tested in the Silent Sound Drawing event held at The Alex Pub. Participants were given headphones to listen to recordings of historical sounds from the Ironworks site. The collective drawings that resulted can be seen below, along with feedback from the Mindfulness through Drawing workshop.

This event was exactly what I needed. So therapeutic. I let go of my senses to the sounds of Mill Road, got lost in meditative art, experimented with different colours, textures and shapes, while tasting a dark local beer. All surrounded by great people in a safe atmosphere. Perfection!

I rank the Mill Road drawing event 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟! The space provided such a safe and open atmosphere to allow for us to “let go”, while letting the energy that you are taking in on all 5 senses, to flow through you. We were provided with all the tools and inspiration to really embody whatever it is we wanted to embody, and release it onto the canvas into a collective art piece. There was no pressure to perform, I had the opportunity to explore different pressures, textures, shadows, colours, shapes. I meditated and saw symbology in what saw, heard, or felt. I looked back at a canvas full of collective perceptions and consciousness zoomed out in a bigger picture of all of us. I meet great people and had deep conversations. My only wish was that more people were there to experience it with us. It was a perfect evening. Thank you for hosting.

Our thanks also to Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Festival of Ideas and everyone who came along to the ‘Places in Transition’ talk and the following walk. The event was chaired by Dr Harriet Riches, with presentations by Jo Chapman, Dr Veronique Chance and Emily Smith. The three artists shared their practice and how they take inspiration and respond to changing environments.

These events have been the catalyst for discussions to take place about local history, memories and what Petersfield means to people. 

The Big Draw


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