Helen Weinstein

Helen Weinstein is involved in the Ironworks creative programme as the Community Historian for the development.  Helen is an expert in ‘place finding’ and has a broad range of experience of creative place-shaping artworks made for media, museums, galleries, schools, colleges, communities.

Helen is Director of Historyworks based in Cambridge, brings her knowledge of working across a range of media and public history to engage audiences and encourage participation in the Ironworks artworks and development of the site. Looking to establish a sense of place through a participatory community project for the Ironworks to produce co-created maps and tours, exhibitions and films that enable audiences to explore where they live and engage in creative place-shaping and importantly to leave a legacy for future residents and users of the community centre.

Collaborating closely with Hilary Cox Condron, Helen will not only be undertaking new research but offering participatory sessions with the local community, so that we together co-create tours and blue-plaques and exhibitions – telling the stories of the people who inhabited the streets and buildings – in and around the former Mill Road Depot. The journey of discovery is already being embraced with excitement by the local residents, and Helen looks forward to sharing the story-telling and using this experience of historical place finding in the past and present community to help welcome those newly moving into the IronWorks development.