Rodney Harris MRBS and Valda Jackson MRBS

Rodney Harris and Valda Jackson create works in brick, carving the bricks to create designs that stand out from the surface, referred to as low-relief sculptures. The creative duo work independently and in collaboration, having many complementary skills and a fluid working relationship. Theirs is a natural, organic process from the development of ideas – drawing inspiration from the people they meet and stories they uncover – to the creation of the sculptures. They work without a rigid structure; both involved in the carving of the unfired clay brick surfaces and share according to the type of image and process involved.

Rodney and Valda’s work has both a presence and absence, an illusion is created where the forms appear to fade and emerge in response to the shifting light throughout the day and seasons. The work creates a tension between the almost ethereal quality of the piece – seemingly hidden – and the robust, permanent material in which they are created and located.

Rodney and Valda have collaborated on a number of past projects including the most recent, four brick relief artworks for the St. John Hill’s Peabody Estate in Clapham, which has won the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association Marsh Award special prize for Excellence in Public Sculpture.

 MRBS Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors