Tom Pearman

Tom Pearman is a masters graduate from the Royal College of Art. The majority of Pearman’s work is commissioned-based public art exploring architecture, design and creative, collaborative approaches to improving our built environment. He has successfully completed several large-scale public art projects.

Clients include architectural firms, private and public galleries, the NHS, public art commissioning agencies and local authorities. Employing a rich diversity of mediums, such as glass, concrete, plastic, photography and vitreous enamel has enabled him to deliver and exhibit a variety of exciting and engaging contemporary projects.

His work in the public realm involves collating, interpreting and presenting a variety of stories and information. Sometimes the outcome is an interpretation of the material gathered and other times the information forms the main components of the work itself. Presented in a variety of different formats and scales, from large commissioned architectural glass works to screen-print on paper Pearman’s work succinctly distils the essence a location.