Ironworks Blue Plaques are here!

Window plaques are ready to collect on Sunday 10th October between 3-6 pm

Blue Plaque Project

Residents living on Hooper and Ainsworth Street involved in the ‘Ironworks Blue Plaque’ project with Community Historian Helen Weinstein will be able* to collect their blue plaque window stickers from HistoryWorks between 3-6 pm on Sunday, October 10th.

For residents on Kingston, Sturton, Sleaford streets and Rivar Place wishing to find out more about the history and former occupants of their homes, and to get involved in phase 2 of the ‘Ironworks Blue Plaque’ project, please get in touch at

Phase 3 of the project will cover Gwydir, Milford, York and Stone Street, along with York Terrace and Abbey Walk. If anyone living on these streets wishes to be involved please contact us at the above email address and we will be in touch.

We hope you enjoy the trail of Blue Plaques appearing in windows over the coming weeks and finding out more about the history of Sturton Town, whilst discovering some of the areas lesser-known former residents.

*If you, a member of your household, or someone you have come into contact with have Covid-19 or the symptoms of Covid-19, or have been told to self isolate please do not come to pick up your plaque. Any uncollected window plaques will be delivered to participating households over the following week.



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