Reconnect & Resonate

Reconnect & Resonate


Hi! I hope you have kept well and found some light in amongst all of this. Apologies, too – I am artist-in-residence for Ironworks, (creating with residents in and around Sturton Town – is that actually a known name now? – and beyond) – and haven’t been in touch as much as I should have recently. It has taken a while to figure out how to be an artist with you from a distance, to be honest. Zoom is ok – but I am missing the magic of unexpected creative moments and the quieter conversations that happen off to the side.

I have been collaborating with artists (including local artist Filipa Pereira-Stubbs) to develop #creativecare activities for Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination. Visit their website ( to invite more creativity and nature in your home, Art and nature have certainly helped hold me up in this period. What has resonated with you? What have you reconnected to?

I have been pondering this theme, my role within the community, and how we can stimulate our imaginations to help us envisage a ‘new normal’.

I’m planning a ‘Reconnect and Resonate’ exhibition at The Museum of Cambridge in December as a creative record of your stories – of what and who we have reconnected to during lockdown, what has resonated with us, and how can this help us shape the future ‘new normal’ together… I will be sharing activities, conversations and ideas here – please join me, I’d love to hear from you! Hilary

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